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Friday, September 22nd, 2006


hope u have a kool day

lvya lots…k8 and aunty sue


Thursday, September 21st, 2006



ur baby sis xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sunday, September 17th, 2006

remember the fun we used to have in Mr Weldons science lessons.
on the far table. Like how cec used to always make comments about chloes ‘mam’
whilst singing and gigglin REALLY loudly, which would make us all chuckle.
me n Jo would make some random complicated contraption that would cause havoc
amogst the table, laffing at how chloe was getting irritated
by the comments aimed at her ‘mam’ by cec.
Cesca would sit there generally quietly to herself..adding random hilarious comments to the strange
topic of conversation, which usualy intitled discussing something rude or wierd.
strange diagrams in the biology book…. sir got us to copy large passages out of them
in stupid amounts of time..
‘everyboyd copy out that 10 page essay…uv got 30 seconds’ n then say
‘ ok everyone copy out that paragraph..uv got till the end of the lesson’ lol
n jess used to proper wined him up..n he used to ask us not to tease him ha ha ha
‘ STOP MOCKING ME!!!!!’ PMSL!!!!!!!
didnt matter anyway coz sir spend most of the time on his phone in class..
ha ha remember that time everyone…

*sirs on the phone to his wierdo son in the middle of the lesson*
kate: sir i need help…..sir…SIRR!!! SIRRR???? HELLO im stuck!!!! SIR!!!!!!!!
jess: do ya wanna get off the phone n do what ur gettin paid for!!!???
the whole table: OFGS!!!!!!! SIR GET OFF THE PHONE!!!!!

he used to go over the symbol equation for photosynthasis every god dman lesson

or those little treasure hunts in books..that say turn to page 66…turn to page 5..
n it always ended in something useless like…’u smell’
or it just went round it a circle..

as much as i used to get tottaly stressed with sir..i really really enjoyed those lessons..
n then someone started a game of never ending story..
n everyone added on abcene word n it was gettin really good untill some one would spoil it
n just make it a total aunti climax by putting ORANGE or something..
(yeah u know what im tlakin about i just cant say it on here)

n rolled up paper was often thrown on the table opposit..n we’d totaly
make it undiscrete about it to. THE POTATO FIGHT!!! ha ha ha

no matter what u sat on or saw in the room had scribbled on it
‘BRITNEY B’ courtesy of cec ha ha

yeah just thought id remind u…he he he

….i mean..theres A and theres B but theres no like A.BC

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

so despite the dredfull hangover i had from the night before
me n jo went on a long trek up that stupidly large hill thing near me..
never walked up there before…
but i hadnt seen jo in a hwile n i miss her welll loads (specially in maths)
so it was good to catch up n have a laugh at random things like we used to..
it was a good giggle…there was a scarey horse…n then these god damn church bells..
n omg..these bee’s ha ha ha ha..n then that song..
it wasnt one of those ‘aww just like stop it’ it was ‘ WILL U GOD DAMN STOP IT!!!!’
n there was this mint field i fell in love with..its the funnyiest field EVA!!!
we made a hat outta like sticks n stuff…
but yeah hmmm im rabbitin on with myself now

for the pics click here


Saturday, September 16th, 2006

it was really good!!!!!!!!…what i could remeber of it lol…
i had a laugh..cheers everyone..!!
i should admit that i was pretty damn drunk
thank u so much angie for inviting me *thumbs up*
thank u so much to nicky for lookin after me lol
n vicky n simon u rock coz of that to!!!



Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

aww bless em..bit cheesy lol….ok very cheesy… but hey
u know what….i think they miss us 😛 😉 he he he

woot woot

Monday, September 11th, 2006

happy birthday tom

have an awsome day man…ha ha

lvya xxxx

you…me…and the i-pod box…… SHIN-GONE-SHIN

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

welll first couple days fo college
im realls tarting to settle in..even tho its rather hard to get used to things
im enjoying myself…i can tell im going to like it there
the environment is perfect for me! i lvoe it..
met some fun new people..had all my lessons now
n im happy with all of them..
chemistry iv got nicky so…well enough sed
ARt well its art..n so far im really enjoyin it…
sat on a table with all fun people…callums on there to 😛
german is amazing!! my class is well kool!!..i got emma n tink in there to!
maths….starting to get really hard…n iv only had one lesson so far..
but i get on well with my teacher so its a good start..
around the college is great im just finding it hard getting used to the
‘no strict dinner time’ thing
everynight as well the newton crew are all comin out
n were havin a good laugh n a joke on the street! 😀 😀 😀
still having longy withdrawel symtoms…i just cant let go that easily yet
im comfortable where i am..but i miss longy..n what im used to
but other than that…GREAT start!!! 😀 😀 😀 im happy i chose marple!


Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

ok ya’lll….
need to put this song list together..so id apreciate it if u could comment on
this post n give me atleast 1 song u want on this playlist..
just so i got something u all like..
cheerssss everyone!!! LVYA ALL!!!!

NORFOLK!! “wave *rocks bk n forth n wves smilin* let me show u round my cage..ha ha GONE!! has nice arms!! wave nicky wave!! ‘im waving’ no wave more nicky.. dont be ignorant’ PMSL!

Monday, September 4th, 2006

there was so many funny quotes but i settled with those ones…
some of them still bring a tear to my eye through laughter
i had such an awsome time..
n i wondered why so many people went to norfolk? well now i know..
it reaallly was really good..it was just constant FUN FUN FUN!!
me n rachel herding sheep!! running away from the stampeeding sheep hurtling in our direction
tumbling bails of hey…drunken nights up till 4..
dancing the night away in the kitchen!
watching the sunset on the beach,,sat out in the garden looking at the stars
drawing on eachothers faces brought entertainment..
me doing mission impossible with rob on the first night!! aye aye to night vision
went to the buterfly farm n saw horny buterflies…
did inpresion of the birds of prey.. the lizards n every other creature there
looked around some towns n chilled on the beach..
and ofcourse u cant expect me n nicky to go away for a week and not manage
to take some (u know whats)
had our little obsessions with phantom of the opera ha ha ha
we went to thee orchards n picked berries n apples n what not
‘HIIIIDDDEEEEE TERRRYYYYY’ *rachels dives over the bed* he he

i didnt wanna leave 🙁

THANK U SOOOO MUCH NICKY!!!! *big tight squeez* xxxxxx i had such an amazin time 🙂

btw im sorry that i nicked ur hat for a week claire 😛

for pics click HERE

a random video ……….