….i mean..theres A and theres B but theres no like A.BC

so despite the dredfull hangover i had from the night before
me n jo went on a long trek up that stupidly large hill thing near me..
never walked up there before…
but i hadnt seen jo in a hwile n i miss her welll loads (specially in maths)
so it was good to catch up n have a laugh at random things like we used to..
it was a good giggle…there was a scarey horse…n then these god damn church bells..
n omg..these bee’s ha ha ha ha..n then that song..
it wasnt one of those ‘aww just like stop it’ it was ‘ WILL U GOD DAMN STOP IT!!!!’
n there was this mint field i fell in love with..its the funnyiest field EVA!!!
we made a hat outta like sticks n stuff…
but yeah hmmm im rabbitin on with myself now

for the pics click here

One Response to “….i mean..theres A and theres B but theres no like A.BC”

  1. jo Says:

    arw i had sooooooo much fun!!
    thankyou it was an amazing day!
    n it’s true there is no A.BC!!! he he!