ok ya’lll….
need to put this song list together..so id apreciate it if u could comment on
this post n give me atleast 1 song u want on this playlist..
just so i got something u all like..
cheerssss everyone!!! LVYA ALL!!!!

15 Responses to “HALLOWEEN PARTY”

  1. Justin Says:

    Just felt like givin u a random comment k8…
    hope u liked it…


  2. jo Says:

    DAVE!!! im here again!
    so that i can finally hear it!
    he he he!

  3. moo Says:

    Celebrate the summer – DJ cammy

    Seen as we want some hardcore

    love you kate

  4. claire Says:

    bloodhound gang – im the least you could do
    matt willis – hey kid
    call on me!!!
    east 17 n gabriel – if u ever
    bon jovi – always
    blink 182 – number ten on the album take ur jacket n pants off lol
    i duno i will right a list 4 you :]

  5. Nicky Says:

    hmm.. *ponders for a moment*
    ok.. wel…
    😀 phanton of the opera.. u kno the one.. *shivers*
    n bullet for my valentine.. anyone.. i dont mind..
    *ponders sum more* il get bk to u with more after ive had a think

  6. Stevie Baby Says:

    Blue orchid- the white stripes
    Stockholm Syndrome-Muse
    Smiley Faces-Gnarles Barkley
    Don’t feel like dancin’-Scissor Sistors
    Imagrant Song-Led Zeplin
    Suzie-Boy Kill Boy
    All Star Smash Mouth
    Save Tonight-Eagle-Eye Cherry
    Town Called Malice-The Jam
    Going Underground-The Jam

    Yeah Baby!!

  7. cloeee Says:

    girls just wana have fun!! the original cindy sumat or other
    bon jovi – livin on a prayer
    oooo n young hearts – candy stratton ot sumat like that :s

  8. rick Says:

    erm… ok i got a few…
    panic – build god, then we’ll talk
    fall out boy – little less sixteen candles
    kasabian – empire
    hehe some gypsy kings 🙂
    put some saaaalivaaa on for james as well
    oh and can ya put red hot chillies – can’t stop, on for me and ste as well hun… we’ve been air guitar-ing that for ages 😛

    thanks hun

    love ya lots and lots

  9. rick Says:

    oh yeah and one more…
    mc hammer – hammer time
    hehe it wouldn’t be the same without that

    thanks hunny

  10. Steve Says:

    can i have agadoo by black lace please?

  11. moo Says:

    Stone sour- 30-30-150

    Avenged sevenfold – Burn it down.

    and OUR still remains song!

  12. claire & meg Says:

    mc lars
    – download this song
    avengend sevenfold – beast and the harlot
    the christmas lol
    dirty little secret – all american rejects
    funeral for a friend – roses for the dead

  13. jess Says:

    hola sexismo not seen you in time. you k?

    cant wait for your party 🙂

    errrr…..kk here it goes

    the divynals – touch myself lol [mint tune]
    the beatles – twist && shout
    scissor sisters – i dont feel like dancin’
    the fray – over my head
    letters to cleo – come on
    avenged sevenfold – burn it down
    Andrew WK – party hard [obv.]
    Bayside – blame it n bad luck
    forgive Durden – beware the jub jub bird && shun the frumerous bandersnatch.
    Bayside – alchol && alter boys
    cute is what we aim for – theres a clas for this
    Blink 182 – all the small things
    The Ramones – my brain is hanging upside down (Bonzo goes to Bitburg)
    The pink spiders Modern Swinger

    is that k? lol

    you dont have to get the all but i can send you the ones you want.

    love you babe xxxxx

  14. jonny Says:


  15. alex Says:

    the automatic monster
    high school musical breaking free! wooo!
    errrrm….ooft its too hard!
    lvya xxx