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ANGIES PARTY….steven:well how was your night then….

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

well…lol… overall it was a proper awsome night!
eventhough i dont think iv ever been that drunk before..
not plannin on getting that drunk again
(dont fret mum i was safe)
we had a few minor set backs *shifty eyes*
but it all worked out in the end!!
WOOT WOOT vicky made out with tim (bless)
i gotta say the funnyiest moment was when
a few of us that were stupidy drunk were all falin over and ontop of eachother
laughing hysterically in the garden….PMSL
n was funny when i fel over the dogs basket..
ofcourse most of the events from the night are unsuitable to write on here..
ANYWAY….. click HERE for pics

(theres a few pages of em n all so make sure u check em all out)


Thursday, April 27th, 2006

hi.. apologise for not updating my blog for a while

i got dial up n it takes too long for anything to upload
n i just dont have the time..

sorry agen…hopefully get broadband back soon

xxxxxxxxxxx K@t3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sunday, April 16th, 2006

angie and jess came up to round our end..
we played frisby n catch..
then we wlaked sown into hyde… n chilled there..
n made up funny sayings on the lines of…

you put the eek!! in freek!!!..

i think thats the only GOOD clean one i can write lol

chilled most of the day… simon came round..
lol and so did claire baring pancakes..

a few days of fun

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

went out with meg n vicky for a bit..
helped my sis clear out her garage…
me si n vicky went onto the field n played frisby..
got chaised by the horses once again..was funny lol… vicious things
then we came in mine for a bit..
convinced connor that simon was called martin..
then we got chippy n went down to hyde..
was a really good night i thought…was really funny..
well so far.. today we went down to manny
chilled..ate..chilled some more..
acted like american freaks in primemark..
i was in one of those ”lets embarass everyone” kind of moves..
we bought weed lollys to lol.. which was funny.. but they were disgustin!!!!

its Coal with a ‘K’ to posh to burn!!

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

yesterday.. me n simon were uo n ready well to early..
we went to etherow park at 10!! no-one else was up..
everyone else was at revise n relax..
we got attacked by geese!!!! viscious buggers!
had a trek through the forest..
had a milkshake in a cafe!! (yazoo btw pplz)
then we fed the birds again..
we were back at mine for 1!!
for the rest of the day we generally just chilled..
i got a bit of hw done (shock horror)
the me n simon stayed in the tent in the back garden with a fire
it was really good..like old times..
thank u si!!! u really cheered me up 🙂

PIGEONS GO WILD…….”paula…erm..me n simon are stuck in the loft!!”

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

wow well yesterday was a fun pact day..
first off..me n simon got stuck in the loft..
which was really entertaning..
also the battery on the torch began to run out..!!
we had fun tho before it did..with hand puppits..
we were up there for AGES!
there is a story to go with it..unapropriate to write on here tho..
then we watched a freaky film.. n felt sick threw all the junk food we ate..
then the weather brigtend up so we went out..
got freaked by pigions..that fly into windows..
got some visqueen for summer meg!! WOOT WOOT!!!..
and a kool builders man hat from the factory!!
kool day!!


Saturday, April 8th, 2006

nicky rick angie n tom came up!!..
ofcourse we got harrased by chavs!! (whats new)..
it was good!! got 2 more sings to add to my colection..
thanks to nicky ofcourse..
went into the factory..
then rick tom n meg came in mine till reallly late..
watchin the thunder storm.. tres cool


Saturday, April 8th, 2006

me doug andy laura n cec went back to chloes
for a curry (was realy nice btw)
had to run for the bus n nearly missed it
then we went bowling.. which was really funny
chloe won..with 119
i came second with 117
cant memba the other scores…think andy was last..
lol i kept doing nen nen nen NON NON NON in obscure places
lol like on the bus!!! ha ha i love attracting attention
then we went to the cinema’s to see ice age 2
n that was really funny..me n doug hid chloes shoe!!
n i nicked all of robs popcorn (sorry rob!!!)
was a really gud night
cheers for the invite clo-bo hope u had a good time..


Saturday, April 8th, 2006

he he.. doug posted all these round skool

lvya hun xxxxxxxxx


Saturday, April 8th, 2006

proper ace teacher.. i did an english speech thing for her
infornt of moderators.. n she bought me an easter egg!!!
bless her!!!

after skool i went out with my mates that went to france
(missed u all mucho by the way)
n we went near the skatepark.. n it was really good!!
spinny things with moo n cliare was funny!!
nice atmoshpere when we were out..
lvya all!!!!!