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Monday, November 12th, 2007

well i apologise for no posts for a couple of months
bin sooo busy especially iwth art…just havnt had the time

peru pics are up CLICK HERE

best experience of my life…i love it..i cant describe how amazing it was…
i mean most of us look terrible n exhausted on most of the pics..
but thats what it was all about 😛
gawddd it was sooo good

so u can have a gander at them…alot wont make sense wihtout an explanation
my online diary that steve kindly did for me
you can find here…


also…theres another gallery… CLICK HERE
for some of the stuff im bin upto since or just before…

unfortunatly im gettin to the age where i cant exactly post everythin im upto he he he
but il do my best


he he ps check this out….