aww bless em..bit cheesy lol….ok very cheesy… but hey
u know what….i think they miss us 😛 😉 he he he

9 Responses to “INTREEGING”

  1. kate Says:

    kate dont go nicking it to put in your bedroom…lol

  2. kate Says:

    they miss you dont they ,xxxxxx(mumather)

  3. moo Says:

    Nick it kate!!!

  4. Jess c Says:

    I cudn’t believe it wen i saw it!! wot do they think they’re doin? its stayin up all bloody year!!!!

  5. Steve Says:

    super duper “NO GUTS” on you Kate.
    That its not in your bedroom next time i see you.

  6. Nicky Says:

    oo now tahtd be a guden kate.. mwhaha..
    *slaps my wrists* no nicky.. contain urself.. hehe
    *stil wants to see more pics of kate in yr 7..goes to find sources* mwhahaha..
    lvya xxxxx

  7. kate Says:

    what sources do u have??

  8. kate Says:

    gawwwddd i want that sign so much nicky!!!!!

  9. Nicky Says:

    mwhaha.. i av my soursces *coff coff* rick..
    i knoooo!!! we cud u kno.. maybe.. ish.. *thinks*… hehe…