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Sunday, January 28th, 2007

he he once agian me n Moo danced in ways to ‘buttons’

funny party !!

welcome to me ‘MEMORY’ room…..suicide on a stick….ha ha

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

believe it or not….but chloe showed up ONLY 6 MINUTES LATE!!!!
*shock horror* i know …i know…
me n jo were takin bets on how many hours it wud be lol!

i had a really good night with them….i miss them all soooooo much..!!!!!!!
n it just made me smile spendin time with them.

he he i had proper giggles…’piano shop!!???’

we made a new friend…. Sampsi the pine cone *falls on the floor laughin*
also we are all now known as..




once again me n jo stayed up longer than we shudda done lol..
*sucks my hand on her head n pulls strings of hair towards me repeatidly* pmsl


Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

nothing better than stayin off college to go sledgin!!! he he he

why is it u never quite catch the funniest falls on camera!!?


Sunday, January 21st, 2007


Sunday, January 21st, 2007


claire moo n too came round to mine to watch a bitta family guy!!
(FUNNY! program)
then i went to ricks n had aplaystation torniment…
were drawin so far…(until next week MWHAHAHAHHA!!!)
twas funnneeyy tho it only got competetive during worms..
we had some munchies to *giggles*


me angie n vicky went on a ranodm bus trek…
i swear to god never get on the number 19 buS!!!!!!
ha ha ha,,i think it was the bus ride through northenden that was the best…
i had tears streamin down my face i was in histerics…
n i thought vicky was gonna choke she was laughin so much…
very entertianin day i really nejoyed it..just what i needed right now i think..
so thank u both of ya!! u made my day 😛
we tried to get as many pics as e could of the ‘Welcome To……’ signs
.ha ha ha diving across the bus camera’s flyin everywhere…

‘o theres one….’
‘o yeah….well..thanks…’
*vicky bursts into a fit of giggles not quite sure why*

to many to really name but here are some of my personal fav’s
my sneeze laugh ha ha ha
‘oo ….he’s peeing’
‘i used to ride my bike there when i was a girl’..

then me n simon went round to jays for jacks birthday…
that was good to…SAPHS MY LEGEND!
‘we are one’
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!! lv forever!!!!


went rollerbladin with dad…
he he neough said…

this weeeekkk

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

wow how windy has it been!!!!!
for danni’s 17th last week we went for a meal at pizza hut
i really dunno how we got kicked out….tisk tisk tisk..
mike was just too giddy to controll lol…
we got a limo there to!! hey hey pretty smmoooottthhh…
he he…
simon was in mine the other day…proper funny..
made a fire in the garden…ha ha (no comment)
n we played this really ranodm game of tiggy bouncy ball OUCH!!!!


Sunday, January 14th, 2007

feelings go out to vicky…

*big hugs from all of us to u*

R.I.P gizmo

love foreva

dooobbii doo

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

im sorry i havnt really had the time to update this right now…
ermm… mostly iv bin revisin for my exams that iv had this week
there about 30% of my AS level…

went to bullet the other week.. IT WAS AWSOME!!!
we met them n all n got one of em to say QUICHE!!!!!! ha ha ha

iv bin tryin to sort everythin out for PERU as well…
(for all of u who dont know)
im going on an expedition to peru in August for 4 weeks..
teaching in the orphaninage
white water rafting
rock climbin
quad biking across a desert
jumping off cliffs n all that jazz…
spending some time in the nature reserve as well…

REALLLYYY lookin forward to it…
so iv bin sortin out all my fundraising ideas and what not!

lvya all….xxxx


Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

i could some this up in a sentance really….

my familly…..in a house in the middle of no where…..*giggles*

it was soooo goood!! i had such a laugh…the type where it hurts to breath lol
that place in summer would be amazing..coz like u just have the sea at ur doorstep..
there was a kite made out of a plastic bag..but no do they stop there??
they go n get a big buildin trades man bag…n attempt to fly that!!
at one point the string snapped kite when one way n steve fell the other ha ha ha
lovely scenery and things there..n the house was gorgeous..
occasionally foam gun fights started through out the house..
on one day the wind was SILLY…i mean SILLY!!!
u could hardly stand up.! he he he
it was that windy…we had flyin debree (spelling)
we played some fun family games and quizzes

break dancing was funny…n all the dancin n singin n wootness…
fireworks…all good!!
got a bit durnk tho lol *giggles* eeeeek…but it was rather funny..
me n steven doin the bump….eventually lol

really good..thanks everyone 🙂 🙂 🙂

(on one of the last pictures in the gallery i well look like mrs waters HA HA HA)

for the pics click here