you…me…and the i-pod box…… SHIN-GONE-SHIN

welll first couple days fo college
im realls tarting to settle in..even tho its rather hard to get used to things
im enjoying myself…i can tell im going to like it there
the environment is perfect for me! i lvoe it..
met some fun new people..had all my lessons now
n im happy with all of them..
chemistry iv got nicky so…well enough sed
ARt well its art..n so far im really enjoyin it…
sat on a table with all fun people…callums on there to 😛
german is amazing!! my class is well kool!!..i got emma n tink in there to!
maths….starting to get really hard…n iv only had one lesson so far..
but i get on well with my teacher so its a good start..
around the college is great im just finding it hard getting used to the
‘no strict dinner time’ thing
everynight as well the newton crew are all comin out
n were havin a good laugh n a joke on the street! 😀 😀 😀
still having longy withdrawel symtoms…i just cant let go that easily yet
im comfortable where i am..but i miss longy..n what im used to
but other than that…GREAT start!!! 😀 😀 😀 im happy i chose marple!

3 Responses to “you…me…and the i-pod box…… SHIN-GONE-SHIN”

  1. kate Says:

    hey k8 havin fun too and i’m glad its worked out good for you , 1st week done now , i’m very proud of you , love you lots, mumather xxxxxxxxxxxx mwa

  2. Justin Says:

    hey hun
    glad u njoyin college so far…
    sure u goin 2 njoy da rest of da yr…

  3. Nicky Says:

    helo you..
    wel ye its goin welso far.. i like it there..
    glad im in chem with u hun! *dances* hehe..
    sure we gona have an awesome couple of yrs there 😀
    lvya xxxxxx