PIGEONS GO WILD…….”paula…erm..me n simon are stuck in the loft!!”

wow well yesterday was a fun pact day..
first off..me n simon got stuck in the loft..
which was really entertaning..
also the battery on the torch began to run out..!!
we had fun tho before it did..with hand puppits..
we were up there for AGES!
there is a story to go with it..unapropriate to write on here tho..
then we watched a freaky film.. n felt sick threw all the junk food we ate..
then the weather brigtend up so we went out..
got freaked by pigions..that fly into windows..
got some visqueen for summer meg!! WOOT WOOT!!!..
and a kool builders man hat from the factory!!
kool day!!

3 Responses to “PIGEONS GO WILD…….”paula…erm..me n simon are stuck in the loft!!””

  1. kate Says:

    (MUM) …..i’m shakin my head with my eyes close …….you pair of ninnies ………XXXXX

  2. moo Says:

    washin up liquid, scruffy clothes and lots of bruises cumin r way =]

  3. kate Says:

    hell yeah ;P!!!!!!!