ANGIES PARTY….steven:well how was your night then….

well…lol… overall it was a proper awsome night!
eventhough i dont think iv ever been that drunk before..
not plannin on getting that drunk again
(dont fret mum i was safe)
we had a few minor set backs *shifty eyes*
but it all worked out in the end!!
WOOT WOOT vicky made out with tim (bless)
i gotta say the funnyiest moment was when
a few of us that were stupidy drunk were all falin over and ontop of eachother
laughing hysterically in the garden….PMSL
n was funny when i fel over the dogs basket..
ofcourse most of the events from the night are unsuitable to write on here..
ANYWAY….. click HERE for pics

(theres a few pages of em n all so make sure u check em all out)

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