its Coal with a ‘K’ to posh to burn!!

yesterday.. me n simon were uo n ready well to early..
we went to etherow park at 10!! no-one else was up..
everyone else was at revise n relax..
we got attacked by geese!!!! viscious buggers!
had a trek through the forest..
had a milkshake in a cafe!! (yazoo btw pplz)
then we fed the birds again..
we were back at mine for 1!!
for the rest of the day we generally just chilled..
i got a bit of hw done (shock horror)
the me n simon stayed in the tent in the back garden with a fire
it was really good..like old times..
thank u si!!! u really cheered me up 🙂

2 Responses to “its Coal with a ‘K’ to posh to burn!!”

  1. moo Says:

    haha a bloody hate geese!!! nasty biggers!
    i was up early to today went out at alf 9 to manchester with mum gt back at alf one im tired 🙁 lol

  2. chris Says:

    man u r da best n england wil win da world cup