wooow.. was a well good day in southport
havnt laughed that much in ages,,
its that type of laughing that hurts!!!
we spent the day in pleasureland!!!
did MySpace poses on the rides
then after we got dragged along the beach on the sledge
had some fun in the car
we went over a stupidly bumpy carpark without are seatbelts on
got chucked around the car..vicky cudnt breath threw laughin
even the trip there n back was really fun!!!
great day 😛

theres a video to go with it..but im sorry its bad quality..
all my internet can handle to upload right now
might take a while to load

2 Responses to “SOUTHPORT…..QUICHE!!!!!”

  1. moo Says:

    thats awsome man

  2. nick Says:

    ahhhahahahahah was an awesome day indeed dude! ur all radio rental! x x x x x