PANIC AT THE DISCO CONCERT!!!!!! (its a cone!!!)

wow!!!…deffo one of the best concerts iv bin to…
just them being there in the same room space was awsome
they really good live..
n Brendons actions to songs were totally amazing
loved every minute of it..
we also had a well kool taxi driver!!!
woot woot !!! good night!!

5 Responses to “PANIC AT THE DISCO CONCERT!!!!!! (its a cone!!!)”

  1. Anna Says:

    just stumbled across your blog here and gotta say panic! at the disco rule! i’m jealous you got to see em live… 🙁 if you like them you should check out this band called jonny lives! they’re also amazing… here’s their ecard: http://www.flashenhanced.com/jonnylives/ecard

  2. k8i goddard Says:

    yo how is u. are you from Glossop if so den mint coz soo am i.
    p.s panic at the disco are AWSOME

  3. jennie Says:

    omg! im obsessed with panic at the disco. they rock

  4. sarah-jane Says:

    hey i was wonderin if u new anyhin about panic! at the disco coming to germany anytime soon…i cnt seem to find nuffin on it btw im not german ma dads in the army an i have to live here…its a propa downa coz i really limited on bands that i can go and see.. get in touch if u no out plz x

  5. LE Says: