went to london over the weekend…
for the training thing for peru!
met some kewl new people 🙂
was a good laugh
u wudda thought people in uni wouldnt really struggle with simple number excersises..
5!!!!!!! 4!!!!!!!!….HA HA HA
‘how embarassing’

also got the chance to view a bit of london
which i was really pleased about coz iv never bin before..
proper tourist lol ha ha
tink decided to walk through the gates of buckingham palace!!
‘heess gonna shoot me!!’

we stayed in the back of the van…next to the river thame
underneith big ben!! HE HE HE
very pretty views at night

for the pics click HERE

2 Responses to “LONDON!!!”

  1. Rick Says:

    Missed you hunny… lots and lots
    Haha and poor you… i didn’t know big ben was loud enough to keep you up 😀

    Love ya lots and lots xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. nick Says:

    hey spud!was a good larf in london,hope wernt to knackered!!! xxxxxxxxx