THIS IS ME!!! THIS IS ME!!! who just turned the birds on?! ha ha A FISH…

*burp* SIMON!!!!
*fart* JESS!!!!!! (ha ha dunno what jane thought)
SHE TEASED US..sucha minx
*drivin a tractoh!!! *action*
wow look at his leg go..i wonder….etc
kiss my party flavours!!
empty the trash girl!!
he did a BAMBI!!

MINT DAY!!! so damn funny!! really hAVNT laughed like that in so long
just seien people dissapear into the water…
we went for a wander through the vally..
there was on point that looked shallow..but was proper deep..
n even after watchin the other..every signle one of us fell in it HA HA HA
chilled with a cheese burger…(dnt ever give me pop agen)
had a water fight!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 got drippin wet!!!

ooo *deep breath* u know its bin a good day when u come home
smelling of river..with cuts n bruises all on ur legs *winks*

then went to jess’s for a curry..
n once agen i got stupidly hyper over pepsi (Rick ud av bin proud)
sooo funny…cnt repeat most of it 😛

n that convo at stupid o clock at night about toilet roll ha ha

anywaayyy proper awsome night jess cheers…wuv always..

for the pics click here


2 Responses to “THIS IS ME!!! THIS IS ME!!! who just turned the birds on?! ha ha A FISH…”

  1. Rick Says:

    haha sounds like you had fun hunny 🙂

    and that’s my girl 😛 (with the pepsi, i mean)

    love you lots

  2. jess Says:

    oi you ripped your pants first lady! “get the tree and leave!” lol