sorry for not updatin

its taken me ages really to get back on here…
iv kinda forgot half of what iv done anyway lol
ermm…well after i got back from germany..i had piles of work to catch up with…
on the wednesday tho i went for this animation thing he he he…and got to hold
THE…..yes THE victor from corpse bride *gets chills*…
was proper chuffed about that 😀 😀 😀



went out with simon in that week to ha ha..i made him look like the flower pot men
*needs to get the pics off his phone*

so then our dearest Hanni came over to england..
did somethin EVERY night..i was shattered..!!!!
went blackpool with em all one day to..MINT!!!

for those pics…


One Response to “sorry for not updatin”

  1. NikNak Says:

    despite the crapy weather n sum rides bein closed, awesome time at blackpool! thnk u!
    *giggles*.. aww..the lil starfish!!! 😀
    *chases the red hat down the street* he he
    lvya lots xxxx