GERMMAANNYY!!!! 1…2…3…4………..

i really did have such an amazin time in germany
although i did miss everyone so damn much
it was so much better than the last one..
more…like the group was a big family..all lookin out for eachother..
i went hardly knowing anyone..
n came back with 10 more new REALLY close friends
at first it was really hard…bein thrown in a situation like that…but my german
has sooo improved…and i soon settled in..
there wasnt much time we stayed in the house..we were always out doin things
realllyyyyyyy sooo damnnn goooddd……i wanna go back!!! i miss it soo much

but iv finally sorted all the pics out…


5 Responses to “GERMMAANNYY!!!! 1…2…3…4………..”

  1. Rick Says:

    Really missed you hunny
    Glad you had a good time

    And that you’re back 🙂

    Love you lots


  2. mumather Says:

    really missed you too biggs,….
    you’ll go back,
    i’m sure
    love you loads

  3. mark Says:

    looks like you had a good time good :]


  4. Nik Nak Says:

    missed u so much, so glad ur home darlin.
    lv u lots xxxx

  5. jess Says:

    glad you have a god time darling. love you x