dooobbii doo

im sorry i havnt really had the time to update this right now…
ermm… mostly iv bin revisin for my exams that iv had this week
there about 30% of my AS level…

went to bullet the other week.. IT WAS AWSOME!!!
we met them n all n got one of em to say QUICHE!!!!!! ha ha ha

iv bin tryin to sort everythin out for PERU as well…
(for all of u who dont know)
im going on an expedition to peru in August for 4 weeks..
teaching in the orphaninage
white water rafting
rock climbin
quad biking across a desert
jumping off cliffs n all that jazz…
spending some time in the nature reserve as well…

REALLLYYY lookin forward to it…
so iv bin sortin out all my fundraising ideas and what not!

lvya all….xxxx

One Response to “dooobbii doo”

  1. Rick Says:

    It’s P*** 😛

    lvya lots xxxxx