claire moo n too came round to mine to watch a bitta family guy!!
(FUNNY! program)
then i went to ricks n had aplaystation torniment…
were drawin so far…(until next week MWHAHAHAHHA!!!)
twas funnneeyy tho it only got competetive during worms..
we had some munchies to *giggles*


me angie n vicky went on a ranodm bus trek…
i swear to god never get on the number 19 buS!!!!!!
ha ha ha,,i think it was the bus ride through northenden that was the best…
i had tears streamin down my face i was in histerics…
n i thought vicky was gonna choke she was laughin so much…
very entertianin day i really nejoyed it..just what i needed right now i think..
so thank u both of ya!! u made my day 😛
we tried to get as many pics as e could of the ‘Welcome To……’ signs
.ha ha ha diving across the bus camera’s flyin everywhere…

‘o theres one….’
‘o yeah….well..thanks…’
*vicky bursts into a fit of giggles not quite sure why*

to many to really name but here are some of my personal fav’s
my sneeze laugh ha ha ha
‘oo ….he’s peeing’
‘i used to ride my bike there when i was a girl’..

then me n simon went round to jays for jacks birthday…
that was good to…SAPHS MY LEGEND!
‘we are one’
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!! lv forever!!!!


went rollerbladin with dad…
he he neough said…

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