i had an ace night….thanks everyone…
so god damn knackered after it though!!!!
thanks everyone for a mint night..the dancin was mint!!
conga line was fab!! enjoyed it all…
angie proper made me laugh
‘ermm yes..im just worried about the air..u know air…he he’
wasss soooooo damn funny in the back garden tho 😉 he he he
jesss n simon aha ha ha ha…never seen jess move so quick!!! her face was a picture!!
jess found it fun to chuck bottles in the bin at 4 in the mronin he he!
and ofcourse me n moo’s danicng !! ha ha ha#

i think the award for best costume deffo goes to james!!

lvyya all xxxxxxxx

(o btw..iv put the pics form my party n carmens party on the same link….)

so for both sets of pics click HERE

5 Responses to “PARDDDDAAYY!!!”

  1. Stevie Baby Says:

    YAY they’re here !!!! lol
    BTW where are my phonebooks!!! Ma mum wants em back lol

  2. alex Says:

    my face!

  3. moo Says:

    haha everyone looks so sweaty!

    I love how wasted tom was. LOL

    i love you kate.

  4. Jess Says:

    well when some bloody throws a lit can at yer arse you cant just sit and watch it burn yer bum oley! lol

    thanks again simon!

    love you x

  5. Nicky Says:

    thnks so much for teh party hunny!
    awesome, loved it! evn tho rach scard the hel outa me..god damn her..
    lv u lots xxxx