CARMENS RANDOM PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank u so much carmen..i had more fun than at mine..
i had a really funny time with jess in the garden.
doin jumpin pics n bein asians..
me n moo at the fridge..(n dancin)
claire u rock u proper made me laff!!!
i really enjoyed the slight mosh pit happenin in the kitchen throughout
SoaD …
lvya all…

(o btw..iv put the pics form my party n carmens party on the same link….)

so for both sets of pics click HERE

2 Responses to “CARMENS RANDOM PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Moo Says:

    that picture f you where you can see your chewing gum is the best!!!
    no seriously.

    we ar mint dancers kateeeee.x

  2. Jess Says:

    hahaha both parties were double mint with knobs on! lol

    cant wait til Saturday either.

    love you x