i wanna go back now..i miss it already
it one of my favourite places in the WHOLE world!!! i wanna live there
so ye i had a FAB time..!
the coach journey there was a laugh..
its wierd..u go to skool with some people for years and not know them
but iv come back now with like 10 extra really good mates..
night times were funny..specially in steffs room..
n ofcourse no one can forget BOBFRED!!!(ashley) haha..my space mountain buddy!
who just happened to be in the same hotel as us!
the ferry journey was awome..
i just cant begin to write on here all the things we did..
n everything that happened that was kool!
it ended too soon!!

for the pics click HERE

3 Responses to “DISNEYLAND MWHAHAHA….”

  1. jo Says:

    arw looks like you had a great time!!!!
    im so jealous!!
    how cut is miss kelly!who else could look stlyish in micky mouse ears!

  2. Steve Says:

    Welcome home K8.
    glad to see u had a great time.
    Did you find the Quiche sign i left last week
    on the side of the castle for you? lol

    And i did warn you the coach ride was looooong.

  3. Justin Says:

    Wb K8
    rly glad u had a gr8 time..