message….message!!! MESSAGE…. MESSAGE!!!!!!!!

me jess n claire went to glossop on sunday evening..
we wen to this little cosy ice cream place..n chilled there for a bit
n we went to manor park which was soo funny..
we were ogin on all the ‘little kids’ playthings
we were fallin all over the place…
i laughed so much it hurt!!
the swing that u like sprawled out in sent us verticle!
n all i could her was claire laughin (u know what laugh i mean)

2 Responses to “message….message!!! MESSAGE…. MESSAGE!!!!!!!!”

  1. claire Says:

    piss girl was amazing
    5dollar girl was hot and
    sex girl no 1 can beat sex girl lol

  2. moo Says:

    HAHA i know what laugh you mean….
    It amazing haha.
    Im gonna come next time.
    I was in ashton last sunday when you went.
    love yoouuuuu kate.