PROM TONIGHT!! du du du dubi du!!

i am soooo god damn excited
its gonna be sooo wicked awsome!!
i have my dress (thanks you so much to jess’s mum)
my hair is purple!!! the car is sorted..
everyone knows what there ment to be doing ( i hope)
everything is running smoothly (touch wood)
i just hope nothing goes wrong!
*girly screams*…cant wait to see all ma gals dressed up later!!!

6 Responses to “PROM TONIGHT!! du du du dubi du!!”

  1. Megan Says:

    I want to see pictures
    Ily kate and yr ways
    I shall see you tomorrow.

  2. Jess C Says:

    jst got mi hair dun!!!!!!!!! im well xcited!!!

    luv ya muchli Jess xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Justin Says:

    im sure u rly njoyd it kate…
    cnt wait 2 c pics…

  4. Vicky Says:


    You looked very awesome hunny, from what I could see 😉 Hope you had an awesome time =D and I can’t wait to see the pictures

  5. Nicky Says:

    WOOT!!! saure u’l.. wel u have enjoyued it hunny!!
    cnt wait to seee pics!!!
    *girly scream also n giggles* ^^
    lvya dude!!! xxxxxxx

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I love Tristan Tenzi