PROM!!!!!!!!!!! TISK TUT FER!!!

OMG!!! it was soooo god damn amazing!!
there hasnt been a night like that in ages!!
i cant even begin to describe everythin that happend
n how good it was..everyone looked so awsome..
n it was all so hard to take in! so we all had a meal..
and then there was the disco!
like eveyrone including the teachers were dancin..
guitare duet..me n miss kelly to ‘living on a prayer’
me n miss also did the grease megamix singing (well screaming)
into imaginary microphones..
danced with mr twist…eddie..(omg he dances like my dad)
the thing worse than seeing ur parents dance…seeing ur teachers dance.
miss flynn…n well everybody..

it was just sooo god damn good..
n the night didnt end there….after thr prom
it was rounf to tinks..then at 4am back to mine
AMAZINNG EVENING!! thank u all so much
ofcourse it did get rather emotional at the end..
everyone hugging..are last proper goodbye!!…i was in tears..

apologise i havnt sorted all the prom pics out yet
so there not on my gallery…but ill put em on..n let u know
asap!!! ….whenever i have time really

4 Responses to “PROM!!!!!!!!!!! TISK TUT FER!!!”

  1. cloeee Says:

    omg wot an amazin nyt it was!!! every1 luk amazin!!! danced wit ma fave teachers.. harry n eddie ;p hehehe thumbs up
    n the after show as we’ll call it.. how embarrassed am i lol
    never agan am i drinkin beer (she sez with a can nxt 2 her)
    sooooo god dam fun!!! got pics back 2day woooo
    so guna iss every1 now.. cnt believe its bin a week already *cries*

  2. jo Says:

    tut fer tisk!!!!!!

  3. Nicky Says:

    realy glad u had an awesome night dude!!
    cant wait to see pictures mwhahah.. hehe ^^ xxxx

  4. alex Says:

    whats goin on with my face?! haha!. luff u. xo