the last day….

i am so emotionally drained from friday..
i havnt cried that much in a long time..
last day of skool came way too quickly to handel..
we all tried to live the day the best we could..
saying bye..n huggin all the teachers..
chloes poem set me off at first…
hugging chloe n i just burst into tears..
ni dont think iv eva seen jo cry…which made things worse
i think it finally kicked in that i was leaving..and that was it..
got incredably upset when i found out i cudnt say bye to mrs jones..
(french teacher)
at dinner we had one last dance in the entrance hall..
messed around with the hair dryer in the toilets for one last time
the last 10 minutes before the bell.. me jo went for one last walk round skool..
one last look outside..
gonna miss it soooooo much..
what a day….

3 Responses to “the last day….”

  1. Justin Says:


  2. kate Says:

    cheers justin 🙂 *really big hug back*

  3. Nicky Says:

    aww hunny!! *rly massive huge hug*
    lvya dude!! yer i kno how u feel….i think all my tears have all dried up now.. thnk god!! hehe