5 years have gone soooooo quick…n it really hasnt sunk in that
its all over..im gonna miss you all so god damn much!!
uve made these 5 years interesting he he he
loved going in to skool just for the fun we have..
so i thought id give you a few memories of the past 5 years
school related…
well it all started in the changing rooms..first day…ha ha ha…
‘hiya im chloe whats your name’

weve all had our ups and downs..yet we all got threw it in the end…
seems wierd to look back now n think me n jess practicly hated eachother..
‘whats the need….look at it grow’ he he good times

i love ya all so much…n weve bin through so much together..
lol and how silly was mrs vernon to put me n jo together in maths!!??
weve made up some pretty awsome songs in there…(with the help of Amy ofcourse)
i used to adore maths lessons…just coz of how funny it was….
‘DAVE!!!!!’….’FOR GODS SAKE bananna skin…nen nen nen NON NON NON’

PURPLE SHORTS…in english ha ha ha…now we had some fun there..
me jo alex n stephen…alex never seemed to keep his hands off jo

MOROCCO….the most amazingist experience in my whole life..
its impossible to ever describe how overwhelming it was…and thats something
ill never forget..doing the things we did…being able to stick it through..
we all got so much closer in those 8 days..n got some funny video footage..
remembering it all…how awsome it was
me jo and sarah at the back of the minibus ha ha ha…
can everyone remeber the morocco song???
when Wallace was discovered…

THURSDAYS when me n louie used to trek upto mcdonalds..
times there i havnt been able to breath through laughter..
lou uv been an amazing mate..!!!! thats where the game BEEP started..
TOMB OF TERROR hahaha..got into some mischeif ofcourse..
uv always bin there for me..always had my back lou…lvya for it dude!!!

times have so changed…the way things used to be seems so alienated…
times on the hill…sliding down on trays..lol me cec n si in york!! ha ha the dungeon..
the animal unit!!!!…gawwwddd… n now look at the state of it..
weve had some good memories in there to..

hanging round with michelle maria an cici that seems AGGESS ago..
strange how the group has changes so much..

german exchange …now that was interesting..hehe..over here was fun enough
we had some laughs..specially tinks party *giggles*
but we odnt talk about that now do we…
peein in the fornt garden with cec at like 3 in the mornin
but goin over there…that was sooo funny…all the partys at mortiz’s
swimmin..ice skatin…constant shopping..vollyball…
thanks to the english crew tho…if we didnt all stick together
through some bits..i dont thing we wudda survived..
n thanks to u all…everyone holding my hand at take off..
the last night was amazing!!!!! AND IT SNOWED!!!

camping trips…the first one…took us all up the hills n everything…
we were all fallin all over the place by the time we got there..
formt hen on it was kool…truth games around the fire..
things we found out that should
never be repeated..
chillin out relaxin eatin melted chocolate..

D of E…well ye…apart form what happened…it was an amazing trip..
awsome game of frisby (nearly borke my nose)..got to know different people more
me jess n simon in the tent with revils n minstrels..what a laff..

thats when wegot to really no mrs flynn…n found out what a kool teacher she is!!!

FRENCH LESSONS have been awsome!!..my totally favourite lesson
everyone in there is mental and we all (including mrs jones)
have such a laugh ‘MON COUER!!!’

thats where SUPPPERRR KATE!!! originated from
and im really gonna miss em..
‘becksta d val’ my french buddy..and my counciller lol..

but then ofcourse things got even better…are group kept on expanding
we got closer and got to be close mates with lots more people..
and to know that im probably never gonna see you again 🙁
gonna miss all you lot loads to!!! ‘BACON!!! EGGS’

to see the pictures of everyone..there all on my glalery anyway..so i wont plod on with pictures..

cant forget all my mates from other years..
the german crew..
year 10 lot…you kept my dinners entertaining
BITH!!!! and Chris…you all rock!!!

too many memories to name…
so this is goodbye..uv made my time a longy worth while
dont forget me u lot!! i wont forget u..
im gonna miss all of you so much..n i hope we keep intouch
good luck in later life..u all deserve it..
uv all bin there for me..when im upset or down..
uv backed me up in arguements..and weve all shared our good times..
i love u all so god damn much….n im so upset to say goodbye!!



  1. jo Says:

    oh kate that’s so beautiful!!
    you know i’ll never forget you EVER!!!
    and we’ll see each other very soon!!
    lots of love jo xxx

  2. Jess C Says:

    I love you kate arthur!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. kate Says:


    n il never forget u either jo!!!! NEVA!!!

    lvya both lOADS

  4. the 1 n onli Says:

    k8.. omg its over.. i dint think it wud b all over so quick.. it ended so suddenly.
    ma dad wants 2 send ma poem 2 skool lol.
    i dnt feel i sed bye 2 ppl properly..
    n sayin bye 2 eddie set me off n then huggin u.
    dint say bye 2 harry properly eiver lol soghhh
    am guna miss hangin out wit u all.. but well c each uva soon!!!!!
    u stil ana watch sports day thurs?? aparently its not cancelled.. tims cumin lol..
    luv u all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx