slept at jess’s last nite lol…
was sooooooooooo funny.. didnt get there till like 10 tho..
coz i was doing murder mystery (photos to follow shortly)
it was a laugh… angie dressed as a giant leech..
fruit BRA flinging…angies agressivness over vicky HA AH HA

2 Responses to “JESS’S!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. x kels x Says:

    wot did i tell u about the picture kate!! huh im soo embarrassed
    lol xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Jess Says:

    Angie: every body look how hard i can punch!
    Vicky: ow ow my eye

    ha ha ha one of those moments wher you really wish u ad filmed it! and who knew u could fit an orange and an apple in my bra and they would travel so far and with so much force!?! and btw angie u look gr8 as a man!