yet another sleepover!!!

chloe, vicky , shell and louise slept at mine on saturday nite
i found it fun dunno bout everyone else
didnt get to many pictures tho, had a pillow fight
could have done more stuff tho, like we did the time before
but still was good coz we did some things we dint do last time
not gonna mention them tho LOL
me and shell didnt sleep alllll nite!!!!!

2 Responses to “yet another sleepover!!!”

  1. chloe Says:

    OMG. y do my legs luk soooo fat!!!???? they rnt as big as wot they luk!! even if they r big. hehehehe messin. gr8 night k8!! loved it. should do it again sumtime!! luv chloe xxxxxx

  2. shell Says:

    lol i well dnt like dat last pic of me lol, nooooooooooooooooo