In Loving Memory…

in loving memory of my gorgeous dog Emma…

its getting easier looking at your pictures

i still shed a tear at the thought of losing you…

but your memory will last forever…

love you Emsy..

7 Responses to “In Loving Memory…”

  1. NikNak Says:

    🙁 … *rly massive cuddles*… xxx

  2. Vicky Says:

    *huge fucking hug*

  3. Claire Says:

    will always remember emma
    hope your ok kate
    love you
    and you now that

  4. mum Says:

    this is a lovely way to remember emma , and what a proud picture,hugs and hugs to you biggs love you lots ,love and hugs to emms too, i know you,ll be missedxxxx

  5. mum Says:

    thankyou Nick and bev for being there for her so much apreciated xx

  6. mark Says:


  7. nick Says:

    still miss the gobby old bugger and so does noogie!!!!! XXXXXXXXX