last weekend it was jess’s party
it was mint i really enjoyed myself..
silly me didnt take my camera tho πŸ™ oooppss

wednesday…i went to play footy on tha astro turf up at skooooool
with chloe..he he …saw a few teachers and what not..MADE MY DAY πŸ˜€

friday….slept at chloes
he he he he he *just giggles* ooooo
was funny…ha ha..one of those night u laugh so much IT HURTS!
..poison *flings arms* poison *flings arms* …*wafts palm*

we also had this quite emotional moment through listenin to old songs that remind us
of eachtother and good times weve had..good sing song πŸ˜€

really good night clo-bo…cheers πŸ˜€

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