weeks gone by

i only generally have a social life at weekends.
15th dec – angies party

pics here

16th dec – nicks 40th bday party
best family sorta party ever!!
it really was so awsome..met some fun new people
n reunited with some really old friends.
was just sooo good tho..i cant begin..
me saph n si totally took over the dance floor..
and the microphone he he he…
‘i….had…the time of my liffffeeee!!!!!!!’ *giggles*
me n jay guitare solo to guns n roses…
then we went back to jays n got rather drunk
sing song with saph at 4:12 in the mornin to disney songs.
😀 😀 😀 😀

pics here

22nd dec- jays bday party which was just as good..
becca was soooo drunk tho lol..
once agian there was a disney sing song..n wooo I WON JOE AT POOL!!

23rd dec- went into town with chloe..was a giggle..as usual i was in a stupid mood
n just had to embarass myself in public areas,
then it was jess’s murder mystery party!!
it was really really good..we sat down to chineas takeaway
chocolate fountain..had a good dance..created a painfull game
with the death ball!!! watched some scary movies n TRIED to sleep
jess kinda purposly/accidently fell down the stairs

pics are here


One Response to “weeks gone by”

  1. moo Says:

    hahahahah you looked like a german prostitute as widow twanky lol

    love you.x