no time!! NO TIME!!

i really have like no time to update this recently
expecially this week i’v bin soo busy coz im doin my mocks at the mo
n like im just constantly doing work and stuff..
however i am making sure i save the weekend for a little ME time…
last weekend i slept at ricks…
then on sat i went into manchester with nicky n mike…he he he
then i went to mike as he was having a sleepover/party thing..
i met some really kool new mates (u all ROCK HARD!!!)
they were so nice and accepted me 😛 😀 he he he
SING STAR!!!!!! me n robyn n mike !! woot woot
I.S.K foreva he he he
i had such a good night..i really enjoyed it thanks mike
i felt like i could just be myself n i had a proper giggle..
unfortunetly most of the events that happened
i cant really write on here lol…
i only got 45 minutes piggin sleep!!!!
memories ill treasure foreva ha ha ha

on wednesday me n rick went to check out the chrimbo market in down
was good 😀 😀 😀 😀

2 Responses to “no time!! NO TIME!!”

  1. Claire Says:

    look at my fit fuck ofa bf

  2. bubbles ;p Says:

    hehe shopin with mike.. that was fun..
    aww bles he looked so scared in aflecks..
    n taww to the guy in LV (dnt ask me to spel it.. hehe..)
    thnks, awesome day loved it! xxxx lvya lots squirrel xxx