fridays rock!!

‘wise owls flying in at 12…HOOOO HOOO’

at first me vicky n megan were chillin on the street..
megan had a killer joke….
‘a man walks into a bar…ouch….
janice walks into a bar….OUCH THIS HURTS THIS HURTS…’ PMSL!!!!!!

then we came into mine
n megan was preforming dance routines for us…
whilst i made a wire prawn and vicky drew…

claire joined us a bit later on..we were watchin funny videos n stuff..
then meg n vicky went home for something to eat..

so me n claire..(shortly followed by simon) got cuddled up n watched
nightmare before christmas 🙂

then…..me (anglelad) (WHAT ARE THOSE LIPS ABOUT)
simon (light waters afweedish)
claire (sungod/sunman/suntran)
had fun with my new face paint mawahha!

twas a giggle….i just love fridays..

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