‘ye…so im alright’ ‘ JANICE IT HURTS!!! JANICE!!!’ pmsl!! ‘he wasnt like sweaty..he was like EH! sweaty!!

he he i had some of the girls form skool round last night
i had like practicly NO SLEEP!!!!
pmsl…we had like a proper catch up gossip session..that lasted a while
we had a good giggle at old videos of me n chloe! ha ha they were funny
we all had a good dance…n a chill
all of a sudden chloe went on proper gids!!! n just rolled around on the floor
then we all got gids…n started jumpin on eachother tkaing ranodm pics..
had a proper film fest!!
i must say me n jo thoroughly enjoyed dirty dancing 2 ha ha ha
it was a really good night..i really enjoyed it..made me realise how much i miss u guys
gotta do it agian soon *raiding chloes ha ha ha*
lvya all lots!!!!!

for the pics…click HERE

9 Responses to “‘ye…so im alright’ ‘ JANICE IT HURTS!!! JANICE!!!’ pmsl!! ‘he wasnt like sweaty..he was like EH! sweaty!!”

  1. cloeeeee Says:

    it was a mint night!!! good old chinwag n catchup (dunt that souns like ketchup lol) nehu
    i dnt no wot came over me, it must have been sanjiv in his parker coat, n arthurs dancin , n maniva dancin in the backyard of the chippy
    (bet ppl r now thinkin wot the hell is she goin on bout)
    east is east hahaha
    n wedding date… omg, how emotional did we all get, get the tissues n the phones 2 txt r loved 1’s (not that i cud lol) had no credit grrr hahaha
    nehu twas a brill night cheers k8
    round at mine in few weeks lol.

  2. kate Says:

    ha ha yeah it was….
    dirty dancin 2 was worse tho…
    it had me n jo on the edge of are seats!!
    cant believe u fell asleep through the best part of it

    n yeah….il keep pokin u about that clo-bo!

  3. cloeeeee Says:

    lol ive seen it millions of times so i no wot ya on bout lol
    if id av watched it i wud av bin goin on all night bout ppl i luv n cnt have, n u wud av hit me lol.

    but it is a gd film. shame bout 40 year old virgin tho
    was watchin it 2day n all tut. thats’ll b the first film at mine!! dnt go watchin it b4 hand tho lol

  4. kate Says:

    lol…yeah thats our excuse to stay at urs…
    n OMG cant believe it wasnt in the case *is gutted*

    aww n bless sleepy alex!!…

    those videos were proper funny…

  5. cloeeeee Says:

    pmsl, i cnt believe i actually filmed ma self dance like that, am such an arse, i look a right tit lol. n u with the brush stuck in ur hair lol
    i no she missd all the films, not that i watched 1 all the way thru lol
    all the memories

  6. kate Says:

    ha ha ha yeah PMSL!!

    the one where we smash into eachother..
    or the german one..ha ha its just the way we act in it
    n u can tell we get more n moe drunk the further the night goes on!!! HA HA HA

  7. moo Says:

    I’ve not seen chloe in ages 🙁


  8. jo Says:

    arw it was an amazin nit!
    janice janice!! hehe!!

  9. Jess c Says:

    Alex will kill u for that foto btw! ur in trouble 😛 lol xxx