so little time!!!!

ok i apologise for not updatin much atm
i really just havnt had the time…

went over to paula’s for her bday
went to stevens for his..
slept at ricks a few times
met his cousins which was fun 🙂 they rock!!!!
we had this ranodm fire in the backgarden 🙂

went to stockport with nicky n paula…n that was a good laugh
mischievous as usual 😛
n nicky stayed over at mine to…ha ha ha n i ‘accidently’ pulled nicky off my computer chair
sorry about that though nicky..

basically just chillin out n tranna get all my work done….

One Response to “so little time!!!!”

  1. Nicky Says:

    hehe.. had a laugh in stockport…thnks agen! 😀 😀
    *squints at u a lil* hmm yea.. the chair.. ha ha
    hehe thnks for an awesome day n night n wot not..
    lvya lots xxxx