i love camping i really do..specially with my mates…it rocks so much
i have such a good time n it goes well to quickly…
gotta wait for another year now 🙁 🙁 🙁
really is a good laugh..i cant begin to write everything that happened
but ill give ya a little taster
so yeah…we got there..
we all had our own little nicnames….cant write them on here tho(not suitable)
we went down into bakewell..n got chinese
we chilled n had a laugh at the park alot
we sat out for a bit n watched the stars..
had a BBQ the second night..(nice burgers nicky)
after going to the river…n had a paddle…GAWDD it was cold but funny..
n then sat on the grass and sang EXTREMLY LOUD!!
jess made me into a gender confused pink tiger…
n i walked around the center of bakewell like that n scared little children
rach fell asleep in the middle of the field..
attempted to play footy..(ha ha my home made football)
chilled at the park and the loundry room once again
cheers everyone for a FAB 3 days..lvya all soo much

to see pics form the camping trip click HERE

just put together a few of the short video clips..
i apologise that there might be a bit of swearing at some points
but i cudnt work out how to block it out…


  1. Justin Says:

    rly glad u al njoyd urselves…
    ^^ i can see u did by da pics…
    woot 4 campin.. ^^

  2. Nicky Says:

    haha.. i must say.. my filmin is awesome!! haha..
    anyhu..thanks so much guys for an awesome few days! it rocked!
    love the pics n wot not..realy had an amazin time with u all..
    shame we gota wait another year 🙁
    glad u liked my cookin.. anytime 😀
    take care
    lvya xxxx