sorry…….catch up.. (im just too busy)


me n nicky went for a walk up werneth lo..
i made friends with a public footpath pole..
n then we decided to go take a TREk to etherow park..
eatin berrys along the way 😀 😀
n then we chilled there for a while..
lol ‘pony tail guy’ ‘show off’ ‘old dude’
and managed to get one huge sign..
really good day..cheers nicky!


me n simon dressed up in fat suits it was proper funny!!!
‘ my milkshake brings all the boys the the yard’ PMSL!!
n we dacned around me house msot of the day (vicky was there to)

One Response to “sorry…….catch up.. (im just too busy)”

  1. Nicky Says:

    ur welcome hunny.. anytime..
    hehe berries.. they were good..
    n yea.. erm.. i dint acrtualy think ethrow park was that far away.. anyway.. it was a laugh
    thnk dude! lvya lots xxxx