..’here vicky u can have a chair’ …’dont put the chair on me’…’god vicky u are soo ungratefull’ ha ha

spur of the mo sleepover at jess’s
we helped jess cook a meal for thousands!!!
n we all had a good cry form the onions..
we orded curry..eventually..lol

this next passage is form jess’s blog…just made me giggle….

”'”but what if i want a chicken tikka korma” “you cant have that” “why”
lol phoned the curry house Kate asked if the rice was free with the curry they said no
[what type of curry house makes you pay extra for rice?]
any way so we were going on for about 5 minutes about how crap the curry house was
and Kate had only gone and not put the bloody phone down. PMSL. ”’

so yeah we were goin on with our selves bitchin about this curry place..n somehow i didnt hang up….lol

then we watched mean girls..n some other stuff…n finally fell asleep after
simon stating every 5 minutes that it was infact night…

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