bruise on my leg! CHEErS JAMES!!!

ok so i went round to ricks..with james n nicky
n first we went on this incredably ranodm trek around fields n what not
then the boys decided to challenge our amazing playstation skills..
we totally rocked btw..
then things started to get viscious as a BB gun fight started out
in ricks living room with me n james..
it just so happened he had the more powerfull gun!
but i got him back n painted his nail pink!

then i went home and ate tea..woot woot
went out with vicky..n amy came out for a bit..
then vicky ended up stayin at mine..
it was one of those..
dancey…drinky…funny…giddy ones..
we listened to all our OLD cd’s
(good times….*salutes the badger*)
n settled down nicely to watch shrek 2

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