picnic at Jo’s

well we were planning a lovely day out at the park for a picnic
unfortunetly it chucked it down so we had it in jo’s instead..
however the weather brightened up n we went on jo’s next door neigbors
trampoline for the rest of the day…was really good..one of those days u laugh so much it hurts!!
we were all jumpin on it flyin all over th eplace singin corny songs..
the mega bounce that sent us all flying….n we had short kick aorund
it was really good to catch up with them again coz i hadnt seen them for AGES!!
i missed them all well loads, as always we have a giggle
its wierd to see whats changed even in 6 weeks!

SUPER KATE!!!!!! ^^^^

SUPER ALEX!!!!! ^^^^

SUPER JESS!!!!! ^^^^

SUPER JO!!!!! ^^^^

2 Responses to “picnic at Jo’s”

  1. alex Says:

    hehe! such a fun day! we have to do it again! i wonder when her neighbours will go away again?…….!woooo! love u all lots&lots cuddles&kisses

  2. alex Says:

    i have editd the pics&put them in a scroll box…gogogo! xxx