went glossop today with claire kelsey jess n mike
really does seem to be the ‘in’ place at the mo..
was good!! didnt get any pics tho :(…

we went out hoping to go on the boating lake
but were very dissapointed to find it closed 🙁
so we went n chilled in stamford park..
i had a real good laugh near the cafe..
and with jess and her drawings up on the concreate path!!!
‘Aww yee i can dance in the rain.’ ‘What!? if there was a fight??’
‘ginger/garlic fingures’
then me n claire skated down to jess’s which was interestingly funny
n we stayed at jess’s n was out in the hammok for a while
then came in n watched freaky movies..

TUESDAY: today i hung about with Rick n Nicky out n about..
n rick got pushed into a bush ha ha..
then i went out with claire on the skates until reallly late
n slept at claires..n i must say we are officially obsessed with the film
freddy got fingured!!!!

^^^^ lol how moody do i look on that pic!! ^^^^^

4 Responses to “SWY FOR THE LATE UPDATE”

  1. Rick Says:

    hehe tuesday was fun
    can’t say the bush was comfortable though
    lot deeper than i thought it’d be lol
    haha red river was a laugh as well

    love ya hun xxxxxxxx

  2. kate Says:

    btw i apologise for the size of nickys bruise *hides*

  3. Nicky Says:

    hehe that was altho we dint do much on monday..n waitin for the bus bk was a pin in the as.. i stil had a rly good day.. 😀

    *squints at kate* hmm yea.. my bruise.. u wish to explin that hunny..? oh look.. its yellow n borwn today.. n stil bigger thatn a 50p ;P hewhe lvya rly..i think..xx

  4. moo Says:

    i found out the dumb thing i said haha.
    you remember when me si n claire slept at yrs…

    SIMON: I want some elasto-plast spray.
    MEGAN: Why do you want that? Its for sticking things on with no nails.
    MEGAN: Oh shit yeh its that plaster witth the silver bit.

    God i felt dumb