here u go steven lol!!
u want an update!
iv only just got back off holiday
so i apologise if im not that quick to update things!!
he he he 😛

3 Responses to “JUST FOR STE”

  1. stevie baby Says:

    well katie dearest don’t waste your precious time updating things for me. Put the pictures from the PART-AAAAAY
    Please remember thats the one where we sat on the hammock!
    YOU and me
    we had fun by the way Rick 😉
    Only jokin!

  2. kate Says:

    ha ha ha….well stevie baby..il get right on it..
    yes it was..we sat on that hammok together for most of the night didnt we?

  3. rick Says:

    Don’t make me hurt you stevie
    I know you’ve got a bad wrist
    And if a knife should accidentally stab you i wouldn’t what we’d do 😉

    Only kiddin ste
    I’ve still gotta hit you though