we went for like a one day taster thing at marple..
which made like all my nerves about going to college dissapear..
i feel really comfortable going there now..they atmosphere is so relaxed..
n i know im gonna really love it!
met some new people..
had a well good chemistry lesson with nicky

2 Responses to “COLLEGE!!!!!”

  1. Justin Says:

    dats rly kewl…
    u r goin 2 love it…
    hehe.. yea.. chemistry sounded like alot of fun…

  2. Nicky Says:

    hehe.. hel yea. woot colege kate.. its so gona rock..
    yea i thought it was realy relaxed also .. not nervous about goin nymore *dance* rly hope i get to have chem (haha chem..) with u dude.. *spazes* lab coats *rips it off n giggles* haha.. anyway… lvya xxx