if this doesnt get to you…
n make u feel even the slightest bit emotional
u deserve a slap….

(amazing poem nicky….got me right *there*)

Ok that’s it, this is the end,
5 long years have now gone my friend,
Time has gone so quick, we now more on,
Now which path do I move upon?

Taking different paths, no longer together,
Still hoping we’ll be friends for ever and ever,
Really going to mi my time at school,
Bet some of you thinking, ‘grow up you fool!’

The last 5 years have been so far the best,
But now here comes the final test,
Not the test of knowledge, but the test of friendship,
Will we still be close? Still joined at the hip?

Really going to is not seeing you everyday,
Still keep in touch though come what may,
Really cannot believe that this is the end,
5 fun filled happy years has all gone now my friend!

*big hugs to all*

5 Responses to “NICKYS POEM….(c)”

  1. Nicky Says:

    *huge hug* thnks alot hunny!!
    lvya dude!! xxx
    lvya all so mch!!! *huggles*

  2. Jess C Says:

    OMG that’s soo nice!! Hope u av a gud week off kate c u in skool luv ya Jess xxxxxxxxxxx

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