WOOOOW!!!! what a gig
i was sooo awsome!!!
THE EFFECTS…THE DISPLAY…it was all amazingly planned
i was really impressed…
so many things made that concert special..
a middle stage suddenly appeared..that we just happened to be like 10 ft..away from WOOT!!!
lol on the way there a freaky train driver
was saying inapropriate strange things on the tanoid!!

thanks for taking me P!!!!

click on the pic below for the other amazing pictures!!!

7 Responses to “TAKE THAT CONCERT”

  1. kate Says:

    hooowww many concerts this year kato …… xxxxxx

  2. Tracy Says:

    Hi Kate, I was there on Monday, when did u go? It was amazing!
    Say Hi to Paula for me.x

  3. kate Says:

    hiya tracy…
    iwas there on sunday!!

    ye it was amazing

    take care….kate xxx

  4. moo Says:

    Does anyone else think mark is hot?
    Looks like fun kateums.

  5. kate Says:

    me me me!!!!! *waves arms*

  6. kate Says:

    well hello Im back……YYYEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH
    broadband up and running and Im back in the outside world..;-)
    was a fab concert and thanx for coming..

    oh and hi Tracey..xx

  7. charlotte Says:

    i went to the same show in manchester city , i agree what a show