well…lol saturday was awsome
started off really poo’y though…
but then i went out with vicky n we walked to the sandwhich shop
(childhood pastime).. had a really good chat…
then went venturing down in the vally n followed the river IT ROCKED
we found tadpoles…n went on the tree swing!!!…we sat at our old tree!!!
(all just like old times)…then found shopping trolly..
n went riding around newton in it!!!

STD!!! argghhhhhhh *just misses van*

he he…was really funny..!!! then i got in the gorilla suit…
n well lol that explains itself..ha ha ha…we scared this couple it was great!!
n i ran after this girl n scared her to death!! mwhahahah…
then we went skating (havnt down that in a while) enjoyable…
then we ordered pizza..n watched a DVD!!! WOOT
dont get days like that often

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