ok iv tried my best to upload as many as i can
some more might pop up everynow n then when i get the chance to upload em
so to have a mooch..click on the gorgeous brendon bellow…
which will take u to my gallery

11 Responses to “GIVE IT A NAME PICTURES!!”

  1. Jess + Alex Says:

    Yes i took that picture i am so fantastic! Alex ses he look so vunerable and sexy and i agreed! YUM! I loved that weekend so much!!!!!!

  2. kate Says:

    nice pic jess , wow , its brilliant, (sue) xxx

  3. kate Says:

    wow were you the girls with the quiche sign?? thats truly amazing, i was sat opposite you at M.E.N and give it a name!! you defo got alot of people noticing it! but i was wondering… why did it say quiche!!??

  4. Nicky Says:

    hehe brendom is hot!!
    *woot* glad u ad a great wkend dude! wish i cuda cum!!

  5. Paul Says:

    pics are really good!! GIAN was fuckin amazin
    Can’t believe I found the Quiche girls from the Lost Prophets set!!

  6. C Says:

    haha! the quiche sign! seems I was sitting pretty close to Kate, I was opposite you guys too

    hehe “does that say.. Qui..Quickie? Oh no.. quiche.. Quiche?!”

  7. Some Random Says:

    Nice pics lol, was searching google and these are the best pictures I could find! I remember walking past you and seeing that sign lol =P and didnt a band point it out ? I cant remember I was drunk 99.9% of the time ^_^

  8. Emily Says:

    Haha yeah I was just infront of you && you were all giving each other high fives when Ian read out the Quiche sign. Woo =)

  9. delancey Says:

    i need a pic for me

  10. delancey Says:


  11. kim Says:

    wow so cool brendon urie pic, i wnet to c them in concert, amazingness seriosly