well…this has been such an eventfull weekend
i dotn think im gonna get one like it for a hell of a long time..
the gig itself was amazing.. really good.. all the bands were awsome
atmosphere n everything..just the concert itself rocked!!!
love it when the arena goes dark and all u can see are lighters and phones
like stars in the sky!!..
but to have Ian Watkins (singer from lost prophets)
read out ur sign to the whole arena and be confused by it
a sign that just happened to say ‘Quiche’
and have over 9000 people look at u and ur sign..
was overwhelming!!!! and i quote..
‘QUICHE!!?? what the ****’s Quiche??’
drummer: ‘ awww i thought it said cookies man’
then hear megan screaming from the other side of the stadium lol….
but yes!!! we are proud!! we got Ian Watkins to say Quiche!!!
we met ‘Aiden’!!! they are so lovely..
we got pictures autographs and even kisses from some of em…
we were chattin to em for ages…n lead singer Wil is so cute!!!!
we met a random guy from hollyoaks to!! and a guy from clasic case..
but what made the weekend what it was…was to have..
Brendon….yes THE BRENDON!! (singer from panic!)
touched n spoke to me!!! *girly screams* that made my year!!!
OMG!!! i was smiling all the way home and im still smiling now
n yes his voice is as good in real life!!! WOOOOT!!!!*faints*

we met loads of random people.. had an agressive water fight in the middle of the
concert!!… which made it look as though id pee’d *eyeballs jess*

might take a while for me to get all the pictures onto my gallery
so bare with me n ill let u know when i have!!!

One Response to “WHAT A WEEKEND!! GIVE IT A NAME!!”

  1. kate Says:

    “mumather” i’m so so glad the weekend was great for you , and i could tell it was all that for you all, go k8 for all you did, love you biggs xxxxxxxxx