ARRRR CATCH UP…SIMON sdjbf ekrh bklah..PEEDO FATE (he’s watching you)

sorry i havnt been able to update my blog..
i have been deprived of internet…
n i dunno where to start saying what iv been upto..
so sorry people if i miss something out..
just let me no…
ok so what i think im gonna do is a big write up of what iv been doing
followed by some pics..
ok so last friday..
megan n si stayed over at mine.. coz we had nothing better to do..
we danced…. we laughed…. we chilled
was a rather amusing night.. moo’s got some embarassing video’s of me.
*squidward laugh* he he he moo…eva tried to play bop-it drunk?? or bombaman??
over the weekend aswell we had lots of bombaman torniments and bop-it ones to
however with our eyes closed..
we filmed slightly to..megan makes me laugh with her hand movements..
went manchester on monday to coz we finished skool early..

One Response to “ARRRR CATCH UP…SIMON sdjbf ekrh bklah..PEEDO FATE (he’s watching you)”

  1. moo Says:

    GET IN!!!
    random piss up mate! lol